Upcoming Meetings

SJNA Board

Wednesday February 24 

7-8 pm


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March General meeting


March 8, 2021



Agendas and links will

be posted before the meetings

Board meetings are held

the last Wednesday of every month

General Meetings are held

the second Monday of every month

Check the calendar for details

TIMELY Need-to-Know

St. Johns Clutter Busters

This group organizes neighborhood cleanups to help keep our little corner of the world fresh and clean. Help them in their efforts whether you clutter bust alone on your street or at an official event. Learn more here.

Have you heard of Friends of Frog Ferry (FFF)? 
Check 'em out. Their goal is to "research the potential to bring a safe and sustainable river-friendly public passenger ferry service to the region."

What's Going oN?
What's Everyone Talking About?

Roosevelt High School's STEM Program in Jeopardy
Take a stand for our students!
City/County Proposal to Move Hazelnut Grove Homeless Camp from Overlook Neighborhood to N. Richmond Ave. in St. Johns
Outreach/Diversifying SJNA Membership
We are developing an outreach plan to make SJNA participation more representative of our diverse neighborhood. Have some ideas? Want to help? Contact us!
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