Up-to-date list of Land Use Actions in St. Johns.
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things worth knowing...

Check out our new live 2022 Land Use Tracker and stay up-to-date! Thanks to SJNA Land Use Chair, Patrick Theiss.


  • Build 52 ADA curb ramps

  • Add curb extensions and bus stop extensions

  • Repair/replace roadway base and pavement

  • Remove streetcar tracks (installed in 1903)

  • Add concrete bus pads for durability

  • Remove aging traffic signals (John, Philadelphia)

  • Upgrade stormwater facilities

  • Add rapid flashing beacon across from James John


  • Upgrade signals/striping for better TriMet bus routes.

     Find more information on this here: 

North Portland in Motion presented at our May 2022 General Meeting with lots of good questions and feedback. See their informative presentation here.

St. Johns Boosters has a great new website, with an interactive map showing where their members are, and links to their sites. Very well done, and useful!

St. Johns Clutter Busters organizes neighborhood cleanups to help keep our little corner of the world fresh and clean. Help them in their efforts whether you bust clutter alone on your street or at an official event.

Frog Ferry promises to be an alternative to polluting traffic jams. They expect to begin ferry service (people, bikes - no cars) from the Cathedral Park dock to the RiverPlace dock in a little over a year from now. They are in the process of writing their federal grant application now. Their website contains a lot of information - recommended!

Portland Trash Cleanup Resources The City of Portland is committed to providing meaningful access.  For accommodations, modifications, translation, interpretation or other services, please contact at 503-823-7700 or use City TTY 503-823-6868. Find out more information here.

St. Johns NET offers free, rigorous training in the skills we will all need to survive and thrive in St. Johns after a disaster - from earthquake to fire, and a dozen other things you can think of. Be ready - stuff happens! Check it out here!



Bottle Drop  Our SJNA Treasurer Bernadine will deliver bags to anybody interested. Please email Bernadine at with the subject line "SJNA Bottle Drop", and she will provide two bags to start. Words from Bernadine-  we are looking to fundraise to continue providing services to our community. Our goal is to revamp our forms of communications to meet community needs better. Ideas, but not limited to enhancing our subscriptions Zoom/Mail-Chimp, Multi-Language captions, polling accessibility, membership enrollment, etc. -Bernadine Le, SJNA Treasurer

Equitable Giving Circle is a Black + Brown women and femme led organization that is making positive community impact focusing on: food justice, wellness, and housing for our local BIPOC community. We serve over 325 BIPOC families with direct produce and grocery weekly delivery as well as we are piloting a free food pantry that we hope to grow into a free store. We have ongoing programming and special projects that need your support. We are always looking for monthly donors and one time givers to sign up and support today. EGC serves folks in almost every zip code across the Portland metro area. Upcoming we will be supporting thousands of school kids with backpacks, clothes, shoes and other supplies. Want to lend support or donate? Please visit this link for more information!