St. Johns Neighborhood Association


Welcome to the SJNA site, which is for everyone who lives in St. Johns neighborhood of Portland.

Our General Meetings are on the second Monday of each month, and feature guest speakers who represent activities and organizations of interest to St. Johnsians. The SJNA Board meets on the last Wednesday of each month, and anyone may observe the board meetings. 

For the moment, we are meeting on Zoom, but we will switch back to hybrid meetings at James John School starting in December 2023. 

You can find the meeting schedule on the Calendar below, as well as Safer Together Block Parties in green.

SJNA is an all-volunteer organization that exists to enhance the livability of St. Johns by considering and acting on issues that affect the quality of our neighborhood; by providing an open process by which all members may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood; by taking and promoting positions on matters of civic interest; by informing residents of events or plans affecting the neighborhood; and by staying in communication with other organizations that may affect the life of the people of St. Johns.

We strive to be transparent, inclusive and democratic, and so all are welcome.

Please feel free to browse around the site. We also recommend that you click below to be added to our mailing list; we send out a monthly newsletter full of information. 

As you move through the website, other things of interest that we hope you will visit are

Safer Together. We have received a grant to facilitate 30 block parties during 2023. These are regular block parties, with food, music and mingling - plus a ten minute speech on disaster resilience, including the importance of knowing your neighbors when bad stuff happens.

The Land Use Tracker. Want to find out who has permits to tear things down and build them up? Here is the place to go. 

Minutes. We've been doing this for a while now, and most of the minutes are available if you want to know about the recent history of St. Johns.

Resources and Local Events. We try to keep up with what's happening, and who to call when you need help - of any kind.