Safer Together

Safer Together

SJNA's Safer Together project is supported by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) under its Community Resilience and Capacity Building program. 

Through Safer Together, SJNA is helping to organize block parties in different areas of St. Johns. The block parties always have food, fun activities for adults and kids, and music. They also feature a short presentation on safety and resilience, and we invite folks in the neighborhood to create a phone list, and take home a "Pocket Pret", a pocket size booklet full of information about disaster resilience.

Above all, we encourage you and your neighbors to get to know each other better. Knowing neighbors has been shown to be one of the keys to getting through catastrophes like the threats we face in St. Johns, which include earthquake, fire, and gas farm leakage. We are working closely with the St Johns NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team).  

We appreciate the support of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management - PBEM - for supporting us to find innovative ways to make our response to disasters more inclusive and decentralized.

We are carrying out Safer Together in close coordination with our friends on the St. Johns NET team, citizen volunteers who have been especially trained to help out when disasters strike.

Sometimes the city might not be able to help us and then we'll have to help ourselves.

Block parties are a place to meet new people.

We didn't used to worry about killer heat in St.Johns, but things have changed.

Food is a central element of any good block party!

We might not think about fires spreading but St. Johns has a lot of trees and wooden houses.

All Ages!

Everyone needs to be safe, and everyone needs human contact.

Safer Together empowers neighbors to take care of each other.

Find out about hosting a block party

So far, St. Johns folks have held 20 block parties (as of September 2), and we have another ten scheduled. But there are still plenty of open days, both weekends and weekdays. See the calendar  on the home page to find open dates in September and October! The crisp cool days of early Fall are perfect for getting together with your neighbors. Fire up that grill!

What kind of people host block parties? Hosts are people who are willing to do a little extra to make their neighborhood an even better place to live, and they know that everyone feels the same way. Please think about hosting a Safer Together block party!

We want to make it easy for you, and we have prepared a number of materials for hosts:

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