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Information and Referral Number: 503-823-4000


The  St. Johns Resource Directory is a list of non-profit and faith organizations in our community who provide social services. Download and use this directory as a resource, or connect with the Organization Contact to volunteer your time, talent or money. This excellent resource is from 2015 and some parts are currently outdated.

The following sites are current as of February 2021:

NOPO This Week

Primarily a podcast, but also a website and a newsletter! Concise summary of North Portland news, with plenty of St. Johns coverage.

NextDoor: St. Johns/George Park

Comprehensive site with news, events, buy and sell, give away, in search of's, and cute cats.

Facebook: St. Johns Review Newspaper

Our local newspaper.

Facebook: Friends of Pier Park
Friends of Pier Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to enhance Part safety and usability for all park users.
Facebook: St. Johns Neighborhood Association
The purpose for which SJNA is organized is to enhance the livability of St. Johns.

Facebook: St. Johns Land Use
A page for the SJNA Land Use Committee and other community groups to share announcements and information and notices from the Portland Bureau of Development Services about proposed development and zoning issues in the neighborhood.

Facebook: St. Johns Community
This page serves as a place to share information about St. Johns and help build our community. 

Facebook: St. Johns
For all who live, work, study, or play in St. Johns, Oregon.

Facebook: St. Johns Neighborhood

A neighborhood meeting place.

Facebook: St. Johns "Non-Facist"
A neighborhood meeting place with minimal moderation.
Facebook: Portsmouth/St. Johns Neighborhood
A place to share the happenings in our hood and make new friends.
Facebook: St. Johns Neighborhood Dispatch
This page is a place to get incident alerts. Also ALL North Portland Neighborhood News communications from Neighborhood Watch Dispatch.
Facebook: St. Johns Classifieds
The place to buy, sell and trade in the St. Johns area. Here you will find items being
sold by the local community as well as yard sales and special events. It is also for people that are searching for that special item that you cannot live without.​

Facebook: St. Johns Free Stuff
St. Johns "FREE" stuff is a neighborhood sharing paradise! They think it's neat for neighbors in St. Johns to support each other by offering what they have to their neighbors (and it saves energy too). They think that "stuff" doesn't belong to us, we are just taking turns with it until it is someone else's turn.
Buy Nothing
Buy Nothing, as its name suggests, offers its members a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of 150 local sites. Post anything you'd like to give away, lend, or share , and ask for anything you'd like to receive for free or borrow. Buy Nothing asks people to join only ONE site, depending on where they live, and there are two sites that serve St. Johns:
Facebook: St. Johns Buy Nothing (South)

Buy Nothing St Johns (South) is for neighbors who live in St Johns within the following boundaries:

Northeast: Columbia River
Northwest: N Philadelphia Ave & N Charleston Ave
Southwest: Willamette River
Southeast: the 'Cut'
Facebook: St. Johns Buy Nothing (North)

Buy Nothing. Give Freely. Share creatively. 

Buy Nothing St Johns (North)/Linnton/Sauvie Island is for neighbors who live in Linnton, Sauvie Island, and in the areas of St Johns that are west of N Philadelphia Ave and N Charleston Ave.

Facebook: Stolen in St. Johns
For all the stolen bicycles, cars, packages, pets, info about prowlers, security cam
videos, anything that helps our community to be safe and stay informed, etc., and general news from around town on police activity.

Facebook: St. Johns Parade

The mission is to provide a wholesome family-oriented hometown parade.
Facebook: St. Johns Boosters Business Association
Since 1926 they have worked continuously to support entrepreneurs, shop owners, restaurants, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other businesses entities in St. Johns. Their focus is helping businesses operating within the St. Johns Business District to grow and prosper.
Facebook: St. Johns Farmer's Market
The St. Johns Farmers Market supports a local, sustainable food supply while providing opportunity for emerging farmers, contributing to the health of all local residents, encouraging cross-cultural connections and dialogue, and enhancing the community and business vitality of St. Johns.
Facebook: St. Johns Food Justice Coalition
The St Johns Food Justice Coalition provides an essential space to connect Food Justice leaders, understand the food equity and advocacy work already being done in our community, and finds creative ways to fill in service gaps. We help plan events and campaigns, connect allies and create partnerships, and help neighbors develop leadership skills. We hold open community meetings and are working to develop a Resource Map for our neighborhood.
Facebook: St. Johns Parent Group
They welcome all to a weekly, BBC hosted, parent circle in St. Johns! Parents from all walks of life are welcome to join them as they gather together to share their experiences, heartaches, joys, trials, and more. This will be an open group in that parents and kids are welcome. The entrance to the Swapnplay is off of Leonard St. with plenty of on-street parking. There's a double door with a doorbell to the right of it. Ring when you arrive and someone will let you in.
Facebook: St. Johns Lost and Found
A place to list ALL lost and found pets, keys, books, etc. NO SELLING of animals. ONLY lost and found! 
Facebook: St. Johns NET Emergency Team
Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are Portland residents trained to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods.
Facebook: St. Johns Mamas
Mamas of St Johns community join together to support each other in the lovely and fabulous parenting process.

The following pages are apparently not being regularly updated, in some cases because of COVID, as of February 2021, but if you have other information please let us know:

Facebook: St. Johns Oregon, Open Forum

A neighborhood meeting place with minimal moderation.

Facebook: St. Johns Community Center

They offer classes for all ages, educational preschool, after school care for grades k-5, league sports, drop-in programs, and facility rentals!

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