Jan 14 SJNA Board Minutes

January SJNA Monthly Board Meeting

January 27th, 2014- St. Johns Community Center

Minutes by: Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, SJNA Secretary 

The meeting began at 7:05pm. Board members in attendance were Jen Levy, Emilie Saks-Webb, Justin Sundling, Adam Robins, Shamus Lynsky, Babs Adamski, Ben Poe, David Green, and Crystal Glanz-Kreutz. Joe Adamski was also in attendance.


We began by reviewing the November board meeting minutes. Babs moves that the minutes be approved with changes noted. Ben seconds, unanimous voice approval. Shamus moves to add an agenda item, 1c the discussion of the 11th board position. Ben seconds, unanimous voice approval.


Discussion of the Winter Social-

We go around the table expressing Pros first. Joe is glad that there was plenty of food and very good food at that. The kitchen was well set up. David was glad that the food line kept moving. Ben liked the layout of the facility and that the food kept steadily moving. Babs really enjoyed the community fair/tables. There was a lot of engagement. Shamus was amazed at how much we did in such a short amount of time (the event planning and organizing), the great turn-out of volunteers (68 on SignUp Genius and 40 additional at the last minute). Babs mentioned that SJNA Jrs were very helpful (John, Sophia, Lucy & Noor).  Adam really thought that the facility worked well- improved from the SJCC. The RHS janitor was very on point and solution based. Joe mentions synergy of RHS and the community. Justin saw full hallways, engaged people, and appreciated that the set up and tear down was well organized and efficient. Food pick-up and the communication of needs went well. Emilie thinks that early organization paid off day of. She was also happy to have worked with RHS, especially Abby, the Key Club, etc. Jen said that she received a number of emails with great feedback. Robin from Main St. appreciated that we had business tables at the event; she thought that was very successful. Jen was excited to see so many new businesses engaged. Emilie says that the use of SignUp Genius was very helpful to keep folks on-point with knowing their tasks. Crystal liked the attendance, the turnout was phenomenal, Becca in the cafeteria was amazing, the music was good and having space for people to dance was nice.

As of 6:30pm there were about 800 people that had come through the event- we estimate a total of 1200 attendees.

Cons/Suggestions- Joe suggests asking Boosters/ Main St. to manage the business tables. SignUp Genius was helpful, but adding better job descriptions, including volunteer training ahead of time, possibly using board members to divide up into training groups. Train board members and use walkie-talkies to communicate during the event. There are narrow halls at RHS, creating accessibility issues. “Choke” areas near the stairs. Babs suggests not placing the chairs behind tables, setting them to the side of tables to open up hall space. Babs reports on the financials of the event:

Table earnings $1,300. Raffle $58.33 on Square, $715 in cash. We received $600 from Recology, $1,000 from Port of Portland, Development of the West, Stephouse, Cathedral Park $500 each and EcoTech and Ace $250 each. Total donations: $4,874.00 Total Expenses: $3,569.09

Babs suggests placing the Raffle near to the Music area (in the hall of gym). Hold a pre-sale of raffle tickets. Better advertising signage, consider listing possible prizes. Put a place to buy raffle tickets in the food & dining area. David would like to see improvements in the overall communication, educating the volunteers, better communication with businesses (donations and tables) as well as with thank-yous. We ran out of maps (we had 500 printed). Consider buying and ad in the St. Johns Review to thank people; write an article? Babs and Emilie talk about every board member heading up a committee as well as committing to 5-10 businesses to connect with re: donations and tables. Ben will talk to Gayla to try and get an article into the St. Johns Review.  Ben felt rushed, that everything was very last minute. Joe mentions utilizing the Facebook page to solicit involvement. Ben felt that the music was too remote. It is discussed that we should have our first Winter Social planning meeting in October, and that we shouldn’t eliminate any fall/winter meetings in order to have planning meetings. Babs states that all of her concerns have been addressed. Shamus would like to see a designated emcee, and regular announcements made (every 30 minutes?) with set talking points. Adam would have liked more people and coordination in the “gross” jobs- scraping plates & washing them. Jen would like us to take a look at adjusting the event times. David mentions that we need to consider the food line when planning the event timeline. Justin would like to see at least two large coolers for drinks.


-Crystal motions to extend the meeting until 8:45pm, David seconds, unanimous voice approval.-


Emilie would like for us to have access to RHS earlier, for board members to be there before anyone else. We need walkie-talkies, clearer communication, to ask the community to sell raffle tickets. We shouldn’t allow vendors/tables to run raffles (it competes with ours)- we need to set clear expectations. Jen felt that the kids area was lacking, she would like us to review the raffle; how we call winners, and make announcements for it. Everyone should email any additional feedback to Babs, Jen and Emilie. Thank-yous will be delivered over the next week. Ben will be doing these in person. Babs mentions that going forward any check for a donation must be written to “North Portland Community Works/ SJNA” for tax purposes. In addition to the thank-yous from Ben, tax letters will be handed off. Babs and Ben will coordinate.


CJ has been asked to be removed from the board. CJ offered his resignation, Shamus motions that we accept his resignation with thanks. Babs seconds, there is unanimous voice approval. We now have an open board position. Joe Adamski is interested. Shamus nominates Joe, Adam seconds, there is unanimous voice approval. Joe Adamski is now an SJNA member at large.


There will be a Land-Use meeting to determine a new chair as Justin plans to retire from the position in the near future.


Adam asks that we move the portraits until the February board meeting. We all agree to this change.


The meeting is adjourned at 8:43pm.



Jan 14 SJNA General Minutes

SJNA General Meeting
January 13th, 2014 St. Johns Community Center
Minutes by Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, Secretary, SJNA


Board Members present: Emilie Saks-Webb, Jen Levy, Babs Adamski, Justin Sundling, Ben Poe, Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, Jason Moos, Adam Robins, David Green and Shamus Lynsky. Twenty citizens were in attendance.


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Emilie. Introductions were skipped this meeting.


Update from officer Miller- Regarding crime; regular crimes, no uptick in issues (little to no change). Recent home invasion robberies were not random and the perpetrators were arrested. Anyone can go to http://www.portlandoregon.gov/police and use the tabs to view crime statistics.


Treasury Report- Currently, the SJNA has $1,898.31 in the General Fund and $6,247.77 in the Art Fund.


Land-Use Update- The deadline for the “Comp Plan” has passed. There’s a packet on the table at the front of the meeting with information. The SJNA submitted a letter with wants and needs, a copy of which was printed on the agenda.  The SJNA letter was also sent to the St Johns Boosters, Main Street and Fessenden group to keep all involved and notified of our position.


Letter re: Toxic Clean-Up- A letter was sent to Barbara Quinn/ CAG group, it will be presented by Barbara at an upcoming meeting in Seattle.


ODOT update- The Lombard-Mohawk-Burr project schedule is still being completed by ODOT. Jen Levy has spoken with ODOT and they have promised to complete the work in 2014 before the rain starts. Reminder- the project will include lights and mini-bump outs at intersections to improve pedestrian and vehicle traffic and interactions.


Animals in Disaster/ Jo Becker- A hand-out was given with a website full of tips, information for additional training and such. There are videos on the website of trainings hosted by Jo; they cover topics like animal communication and animal first aid. In the event of an emergency, groups like WASTAR and OSTAR would set up shelter stations for lost & injured pets. Emergency preparedness suggestions: consider the needs of the whole household (family & pets), store supplies for 72 hours (recommended minimum) to one week, keep paper copies of information- phone numbers, pictures, local hospitals, clinics, vets, any allergy and insurance information or other important data that could be needed in the event of an emergency.


Portland Public Schools/ RHS Modernization- From the 2012 Bond program, RHS became one of three schools set to be modernized. An architect was hired; RHS is currently in the design process. There is 70 million dollars set aside for RHS to be redesigned and renovated. There is a design advisory group of parents, students, teachers, etc. who are engaged in the project. Community involvement is encouraged, even if it is only by sharing suggestions by phone or email; however attendance in the design meetings is encouraged. The Master Plan (Phase 1) of the project began in September, 2013. The Design Plan (Phase 2) is currently in progress and will go through March, 2014. Items to be updated include: power, fire alarms, sprinklers, earthquake upgrades, a new theatre/art space, an auxiliary space/2nd gym, the current theatre will become a library & media room, there will be improved flow/connectivity in the school- an addition of a commons area so students may cross the “u” area of the school. Construction will begin in March, 2015. It may impact traffic in the area, the project planners are working to determine how to minimize disruption and access to the local area. Classrooms will be shifted into new construction areas and temporary portable classrooms will be used to continue classes and programs as normally as possible during the construction process. Currently, RHS serves 950 students. The design is for 1350 students with large common areas accommodating up to 1700 people. Current forecasting through PSU shows RHS capping at below 1700 students. RHS attendance from within its boundaries is well below 100% due to home school, private school and transfers to other high schools. The next design meeting is currently unscheduled, but SJNA will find out and include the details in our SJNA newsletter. PPS will have a table at the SJNA Winter Social in order to engage more of the community. Planning meetings will be held at various locations throughout St. Johns, again to engage as much of the St. Johns community as possible.


The group reviewed the December Forum Meeting minutes. Shamus moves to approve the minutes with changes noted, David seconds and there is unanimous voice approval.


Winter Social- The Port of Portland gave us some seed money to get started. The event will be on Saturday, January 25th from 4-8pm at Roosevelt High School. In 2013 there were over 700 people; RHS offers a bigger space, for more attendees and a larger kitchen to better serve food. People are encouraged to share information about the event via Facebook and word of mouth.


Donna Cohen- With the new Pier Park / Chimney Park Bridge she asked SJNA to contact Portland Parks and Recreation to place signs regarding the need for dogs to be leashed. There is no off-leash area at the bridge. Crystal motions that SJNA Land-Use research the matter, by contacting PP&R and write a request letter if need be. Justin seconds, there is unanimous approval.


OLCC Update- The owners of Slims contacted the SJNA asking for help. The OLCC wants to rid them of their outside seating. This could impact their customers and earnings. They’re looking into the possibility of seating in the back, for now they have added rope, signage and have increased the frequency of their employees checking in with outside customers. This interest by the OLCC could impact other businesses with outdoor seating as well, such as Anna Banannas. The SJNA is considering writing a letter to the OLCC stating that it has been notified of the contact with Slims, that it is in support of our local businesses, and that Slims has been working with us, using open communication and being very neighborly. It was suggested that the OLCC sent a letter roughly one year ago where is mentioned a “crack down” in St. Johns. This is something that the SJNA will look into and discuss further.


Gentrification/Revitalization Forum- Shamus is working on building a panel of 3-4 people to hold a conversation about Gentrification/Revitalization and St. Johns. It will be held in March of 2014, not during spring break, so more people can attend. Shamus is currently seeking a PSU professor, someone from PDC, a representative from Williams/MLK area, possibly Cameron Witon (who ran for mayor) and potentially someone from Reach/ U of P. The final panel and forum date will be determined soon.


Announcements- Barbara Quinn spoke about the Willamette River Stories Oral History Project, which is currently accepting submissions. Also, Portland Parks and Rec. are planning a Heritage Tree Walk in St. Johns.

Jason Moos stated that the James John PTA is seeking community members, there is one meeting per month (in the evening), typically on the first Tuesday of the month. Also, the SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) School at James John is looking for members.
Shamus Lynsky announced a Save the Date- the St. Johns Parade and Bizarre will be on May 10th.
Tom Karwaki said that there is a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, January 25th from 10am-12pm at 3920 N Kirby. It will have Tina Kotek, Senator Shields, and Rep. Fredricks.
Crystal Glanz-Kreutz stated that the next St. Johns Cash Mob will be on Friday, January 31st- mobbing locations will be announced soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm. The next general meeting will be on February 10th at 7pm at the St. Johns Community Center.

Dec 13 SJNA Waste Disposal Public Forum

SJNA Waste Disposal Public Forum
December 16th, 2013 St. Johns Community Center
Minutes by Emilie Saks-Webb and Jason Moos


7:05- Meeting called to order by Jen Levy. She introduced Barbara Quinn, who then introduced

all CAG members in attendance. B. Quinn showed a PowerPoint titled “Toxic Waste Dumps in

North Portland,” and expanded on the slides. B. Quinn then asked for a letter in support of no

toxic waste dumps on behalf of Portland Harbor CAG. 7:25- J. Levy introduces Sean Sheldrake.

Chip Humphrey (EPA) presented their slideshow. 7:30- S. Sheldrake started his presentation about

confined disposal facilities. 7:45- J. Levy introduced Barbara Smith from the Lower Willamette

Group (LWG). B. Smith spoke to her role and LWG’s role in the CDFs. They are hired by the businesses to provide scientific background so the draft feasibility study could be conducted. She stated that the LWG have no opinions on CDFs. B. Smith called upon Jim McKenna (senior project manager) to expand. 7:55- Travis Williams from Willamette River Keepers spoke.


8:00- J. Levy called for a 3 min break. 8:05- Q&A. Ed Jones chair of Linton NA stated that news reported EPA criticism of their work. What was the problem LWG had with the EPA? B. Smith- We submitted a report that is now under review with the EPA. Human Health and Ecological risk assessment they provided to the EPA. EPA had lots of comments. Polluter pays. Trying to work with EPA. The EPA SHOULD have comments. The EPA believed all of the science was there, but how it was put back together and packaged need more work. E. Jones—but what were they unhappy with? B. Smith- Preremediation goals, diff levels remediation level action, models they used, how they evaluated the dredging and assumptions they made, the way they looked at long term and short term alternatives.


J. Levy—So why are you doing this and not EPA? B. Smith- Cost is one factor, but protectiveness and meeting all laws comes first. Community member—Experimental filter design. How will it function? Removal of water, but what happens to the brown water going into bottom 2/3rds? Confined disposal design. It is important that we make the right decision with the right materials. Shamus Lynsky- If only certain contaminated materials are okay for CDF. How do you get only those? S. Sheldrake- LWG data gave EPA an idea of what they might be looking at for materials. S. Lynsky- what concentration would leak through? Chemical by chemical? S. Sheldrake- they would study specific area and treat on a case by case basis. Freight, barge, trucks. You have to weigh the impact. Jamie Crow 20 or 30 years from now? We should be making decisions thinking into the future. Sturgeon? We don’t know much about their winter habitat and this CDF is planned right in their winter area. Sean Sheldrake the impact has to be compensated for. Short answer without going into biology. Floods are not much of a problem for CDFs. Caps even less so. Relative risk issues are weighed. Travis Williams—Sturgeon habitat isn’t in T4. This has been mischaracterized a little, though sturgeon are a valid concern that I share.


Kristen Yount from KBOO—Extrapolate on carbon combing. Answer Carbon attaches itself making it less bioavailable. That’s the theory. Lots of experimenting, getting those levels and mixtures just right. K. Yount—CDFs haven’t been approved by the EPA? S. Sheldrake—Wrong. They have been used at other sites. K. Yount—What other sites? S. Sheldrake—Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay, Seattle and the East Coast. B. Quinn—The Delaware River is an example of CDF failure, as is Silver Valley, Idaho. S. Sheldrake—not true at Silver Lake. B. Quinn—What do you call that? Lead poisoning. S. Sheldrake- Bad example. That was mine failings. K. Yount- Tell me about Upland Removal. T. Williams- Take off of the river. Arlington, for example. Most wouldn’t even go to Arlington because it’s not contaminated enough. Explicit standards exist for CDFs. Hot spots would be sent to a facility like Arlington. B. Quinn—I called Arlington. They will take everything except heavy metals. J. Levy—some could go to the facility in Washington County.


Jackie Calder—I am following up on a question about sorting our dredging. How do you measure? Contamination levels of each bucket? S. Sheldrake—Ideally, yes. What we do is take samples and give a result for the larger area. We have a pretty good idea. Refined by additional studies. Laura (Occupy)—Nothing is flood or earthquake proof. Please keep that in mind. This is a long term process, so why would the LWG disperse? It is an ongoing problem that needs continued study. After we are removed from the Superfund list, then what? Who is watching? Guardianship should exist into perpetuity. Tell me about guardianship. B. Smith—LWG exists to fulfill a legislated need. The EPA isn’t going anywhere, Port of Portland isn’t either, neither is NW Natural Gas. Laura—this doesn’t inspire confidence. Bill Egan (North Portland bass fisherman)—Sturgeon winter adjacent to Terminal 4. They are present. A 9.5 earthquake is not likely, but an 8 is. LWG says that an 8 earthquake would damage CDF. This isn’t a solution. There might be a hot spot in 30 feet, the next, nothing. One sample doesn’t tell you everything about that small area. 13 years and 3 more coming. This can’t be messed up again.


J. Levy- How can we as neighbors make a difference and influence these decisions? All—letters, phone calls, formal letters from NA. They want and need input! Dennis Keepes put the motion on the floor stating, “We the people of St. Johns support the cleanup and decontamination of the Willamette River. Resolved: that none of the contaminated material taken from the river is to be stored in or alongside the river in any form or container (e.g. CDF), and further support the preservation and enhancement of the environment for aquatic life in the Willamette River from the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette to the Willamette sources and all her points south.” The motion was seconded, discussed and passed. All voting members voted in favor, none opposed and none abstained. Jennifer Levy adjourned the meeting.


Nov 13 SJNA Board Minutes

November SJNA Monthly Board Meeting
November 18th, 2013- St. Johns Community Center
Notes by: Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, SJNA Secretary.

Meeting called to order at 8:10pm. Board members present: Ben Poe, Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, David Green, Emilie Saks-Webb, Justin Sundling, Jason Moos, Shamus Lynsky, and Adam Robins.
The meeting began with the review of the October board meeting minutes. David moves to approve, Adam seconds, unanimous approval.

NPNS Potluck- To be held on December 2nd at the Kenton Firehouse. Starts at 6:30pm and all are welcome. The board chairs and director of the North Portland Neighborhood Associations will be there.

New Board Pictures- A discussion was had about whether we should take portraits of the new board members or of all. Crystal suggested that for professionalism and consistency’s sake having uniform photographs of the board would be best. It was decided that every board member will have their picture taken at the January Board Meeting at the St. Johns Community Center; the SJNA website will be updated afterwards.

Land-use Update- David is the point of contact for OLCC items. He pointed out that oftentimes, OLCC information is given after decisions have been made. David and Justin will split or share NPLUG meetings, other Land-use committee members may also attend on occasion. CJ is helping Justin with the transitioning of responsibilities and contacts. The Land-use committee will be receiving group emails instead of having one specific point person for each role; tasks will be divided out as needed based on member availability. Justin spoke about the Terminal Road project. The group approved of Arthur Marks’ proposal with amendments. Mr. Marks is in the pre-application process, we are requesting dump abatement and signage, a letter will be drafted soon. Shamus will report on BAC issues because he is on their mailing list; however he will not be an SJNA BAC advocate.

Winter Social Planning- The upcoming SJNA Winter Social event will be on Saturday, January 25th, 2014. It will be held at Roosevelt High School from 4-8pm. New this year is that there will be business groups & RHS groups tabling at the event. Contact Babs for a sign-up timeline or to reserve a place at the event. Babs has been emailing members to touch-base on the event tasks, donations are needed; board members will be hitting the streets soon.

8:31pm: Crystal motions to extend the meeting by 10 minutes, David seconds, unanimous approval.

Emilie expresses the need to have assistance in emailing information to Gabrielle to update our SJNA website. Crystal volunteers to assist.

A gift for Officer Sharpe is discussed. Gift ideas suggested: Whiskey/ a gift basket/ a gift of gift certificates to shop at St. Johns businesses.

Shamus briefly speaks about the Gentrification Forum, and calls for resources. Justin has PSU contacts, local community members Derek Shaw and Chris McMurray are suggested as resources, it is mentioned that we should utilize the local schools to reach people and invite them to the forum.

Trader Joes at MLK & Alberta- There was a discussion about PDC’s accountability. A 2 million dollar accommodation was made to a major (well financed and established) company. It is mentioned that there was a protest at the future store site on the previous Saturday afternoon. Emilie believes we can contact the organizers of the protesting group and learn more.

Homelessness Issue/ Mike Withey- During the general meeting a motion was made to explore Mike’s idea. As a group we discussed that there was a lot of confusion surrounding his proposal and what he is envisioning, as well as what our role would be as the SJNA. Emilie mentions Mike was hoping to rely heavily on the SJNA to run/maintain the facility, which our insurance would not allow. Justin commits to following up with Mike and holding a meeting with him, with at least one other board member in attendance.

Announcements- By-law update regarding meeting votes. Tom Griffin-Valade (Director of NPNS) is working on a template for all North Portland by-laws.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48pm.

Nov 13 SJNA General Minutes

SJNA General Meeting
November 18th, 2013 St. Johns Community Center
Minutes by Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, Secretary, SJNA


Board Members present: Emilie Saks-Webb, Justin Sundling, Ben Poe, Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, Jason Moos, Adam Robins, David Green and Shamus Lynsky. Ten citizens were in attendance.


Meeting called to order at 7:06pm by Emilie. Introductions were given first.


Fourth Estate Coffee House- Rick Weber (the owner) introduced the group to his coffee house which opened in late October. The business is open 7 Days a Week from 6:30am-8pm, and located at 7373 N. Burlington Ave. Rick lives and works in St. Johns, as do about ¾ of his staff.


Announcement of board member position assignments- Emilie Saks-Webb and Jen Levy are once again Board Co-Chairs. Jason Moos is Treasurer. Crystal Glanz-Kreutz is Secretary. Babs Adamski is Social Outreach. David Green is Livability Liaison. Justin Sundling is Land-Use Chair, Head of OLCC Liaison, and PPR/TSP/PBOT BAC positions. Shamus Lynsky is Parliamentarian.


Police Officers- Unfortunately, none were in attendance.


Land-Use Update- There will be a meeting on Wednesday, 11/20 for the new Land-Use committee to meet and discuss current issues. A citizen, Donna, expressed interest in attending a Land-Use meeting and Justin said that he would speak with her so that she may attend.


Treasury Report- The former and current Treasurers are coordinating a hand-off of duties. Currently, the SJNA has $4,520.37 in the General Fund, $1,898.31 in the Art Fund and $1,017.14 in the CD. Emilie notified the group that there is still some fund transferring to be done between the general and art accounts. She also updated the group that we had recently renewed our service through “Constant Contact” which is what we use for our SJNA email newsletters.


ODOT update- Emilie spoke and provided a PowerPoint presentation that updated the group on the Lombard-Mohawk-Burr project. ODOT is currently designing the elements of the project, as well as vetting possible issues, coordinating with Tri-Met, the Freight and Mobility liaison and drafting an agreement with the City of Portland. A representative from ODOT will be attending our January, 2014 meeting to offer a design update and project timeline. During the discussion, Emilie provided a brief history about the project and also mentioned that Jen Levy has been the main point of contact (along with CJ Doxsee) and will likely remain the point person until the project is completed.


Gentrification Discussion- Shamus spoke about a few Facebook conversations and a new Facebook page, “Real Talk”, he asked if there would be interest in the SJNA holding a public forum regarding gentrification as well as gentrification vs. revitalization. The conversation would be to learn more and to better grow as a community. Ruth, a citizen in attendance, suggested that we have Main St. attend. She also pointed out that we ought to look at community members/businesses from Alberta and Williams. Kannon, another citizen, suggested that we have a professional mediator in attendance to help keep the conversation productive. Because it appeared that there was interest in the forum, Shamus offered to work on the idea further and will work to hold a forum in early spring- perhaps early March.


Toxic Waste- Emilie announced that the SJNA will be holding a Toxic Waste Forum in December, and that this will be replacing the General and Board meetings. A citizen, Donna, asked about the motion/vote that was given during the October General Meeting after Barbara Quinn had presented on the subject on behalf of CAG. *We break to review the October General Meeting Minutes.* Emilie reads aloud paragraph # 6 from the October Meeting Minutes, in order to review what had occurred. Shamus, as Parliamentarian, read from our SJNA By-laws, Article 10 “Procedure for Consideration of Proposals”. There was a lengthy conversation about how citizens can vote and make a recommendation to the board, how the board will heavily consider that recommendation, how the board is representative of the wants/needs of the community but also that the board strives to have every side well-represented when composing a final decision. Additionally, the group discussed how the SJNA has implemented the Parliamentarian position to clarify our by-laws and standards as needed to keep transparency and strengthen communication/ minimize misunderstandings. Ben asked about how community members can get items onto the SJNA meeting agenda, Shamus stated that per Article #5 anyone can submit an item in writing 7 days prior to a meeting. Emilie stated that when she and Jen create the agenda, priority falls to time-pressing issues and if a subject has been bumped previously. Justin, a citizen, offered many ideas during the conversation to better receive/allow for community input, such as: if we have a busy agenda, consider by-passing introductions, including board contact information on agendas, being sure to include time for announcements/ new business at the end of each meeting, and possibly adding a suggestion or comment box onto the meeting table.


Calendar items were read off of the agenda- Community member, Bon Hill, elaborated on the Friends of Baltimore Woods Book and Holiday Sale on December 7th at Cathedral Park Place. The Book sale will be held from 10am-3pm and the Craft sale will be from 10am-6pm. This is the events third year, and so far there have been over 3,000 books donated.


Announcements: Ruth, a citizen, had a number of announcements. There is a meeting at Roosevelt on Tuesday, 11/19 regarding the schools capacity. Also on 11/19 at 7:30pm the St. Johns Boosters are having a meeting where they will be electing their new board. The OLCC posted a license sign for Rock n Roo (across the street from the current Liquor store), the announcement mentions malt liquor sale for both onsite consumption and to take away. Ruth questioned why comments were due by Oct 25th. Emilie stated that she is unfamiliar with this OLCC notice, she and Justin will look into learning more about Rock n Roo.

Shamus moves to approve the minutes with changes noted, David seconds and there is unanimous voice approval.

St. Johns Cash Mob update- the Cash Mob is on hiatus until January, 2014. The next event will be held on Friday, January 31st, 2014. In the meantime, there are a number of other events that support local shopping, such as: Night on the Town, Small Business Saturday, the Little Boxes Event, WinterFest, etc. Additionally, the St. Johns Winter Coupon Book is out.

Justin, a citizen, asked about resources for a light pollution issue. Justin Sundling offered to connect him with resources.

Mike, a citizen, proposed an idea about a community support center that would assist 1-2 dozen people for a 6 month residential program. More than a shelter, he envisions a resource for clothing, a food pantry, AA/NA support- it would be a sober facility with a zero tolerance policy. The idea is to serve St. Johns, not the City of Portland, not homeless people but those who are marginalized… it’s a pilot program. Ben moves that we explore the relationship, Ruth seconds, Shamus expresses concern for the expectation of SJNA commitment, and clarification was given that we are moving to explore the idea /appoint a liaison. There is voice approval given.

8:04pm- David move to extend the meeting by 5 minutes, Ruth seconds, unanimous voice approval.

Kannon, a citizen, in response to Mikes support center, mentions that there is All One Community with 40 churches that could serve referrals to the proposed center.

Ruth announces that Golden Harvesters moved from its previous location of New York to Lombard, next to the Storage facility and across from the newest 7-11 location. Golden Harvesters is a low-cost food resource ($20 and volunteer hours each month in exchange for food).


The meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm. The next meeting will be the Toxic Waste Forum on December 16th at 7pm at the St. Johns Community Center.

2013 09 September 2013 SJNA General Meeting Minutes

SJNA General Meeting. September 9th, 2013 St Johns Community Center, St. Johns, Oregon
Note by Gloria Bouchor Luzader, Secretary, SJNA

Board Members present: Jennifer Levy, Emilie Saks-Webb, Gloria Luzader, Gil Luzader, C.J. Doxsee, Babs Adanski, Justin Sundling, Ben Poe and Crystal Glanz-Kreutz. Jason Moos was held up in a work meeting. Twenty eight citizens signed in. Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Emilie.

The citizens in attendance were asked to read the minutes. The minutes were read, amended and approved.

Babs gave the treasurers report. Checking account $6,783.83, Art account $2,000.00 and the CD $1,016.89.

Ruth Lane from the St Johns Boosters announced that the Annual Boosters Oktoberfest will again be held on the McMenamin’s parking lot. Charleston Street will be closed from Lombard to Ivanhoe for the day. Vendors have been invited. The dates and times are October 5th from noon – 9:30pm. There will great German beer from McMenamin’s, German sausage plates for sale, and several bands including a German oomph group. For the children there will be a balloon master and face painting. This is a fund raiser for the holiday lights for the trees that line Lombard during the holiday season. This is called “Light-Up Lombard.” Please come and support the local boosters, dance and toast the coming season for a good local cause.

Jennifer arrived with the agendas and they were passed out to the assembled.

The first discussion was about the St Johns Bridge ramps and drivers coming up the ramps. The traffic officer explained that new signs have been installed telling the motorists to USE BOTH LANES. This seems to be effective. There have been no fatalities on the ramps since 2006. Also, there have been a few more tickets issued to drivers straddling both lanes. Some suggestions? One ramp up and one ramp down? Per the traffic officer this would cause a huge back-up on Hwy.30. A big problem is big trucks. They do need a larger turning radius. No one seems to want to share the road. Questions about signal timings. This is a PBOT area. Jennifer will do follow-up with PBOT. TriMet having additional buses going over the bridge more frequently would be helpful to eliminate traffic. There was mention that the people who do ride the #16 are usually on a half empty bus. #16 goes from St Johns to downtown Portland in about 25 minutes.

Traffic concerns? Call 503-823-SAFE (7233). Neighbors and citizens can make a list of traffic concerns such as intersections that seem to have speeding or streets that have speeding and other concerns. ODOT will complete improvements to Lombard. There will be curb bump outs and new light fixtures at the intersections near Ace Hardware and the Grocery Outlet/Dollar Tree. It was asked if ODOT could install signs that say “Please Cross at the Corners.” There will be storm water runoffs but no cross walk markings. The markings seem to cause more problems because they give pedestrians a false sense of security. This may not occur until spring of 2014 because ODOT needs dry weather for the construction. Jennifer will ask ODOT to come to the October general meeting.

Announcements: St Johns Farmers Market is going through a re-structuring and needs new board members. Please consider joining to keep this a part of the community. *** The St Johns Boosters meets at the Central Hotel on the 3rd Tuesday at 7pm. There is a catered meal. ** Concerns about car camping in the neighborhoods and near the parks. Vehicles on the public street must be moved every 24 hours. *** Older kids seem to be hanging out in the Six-Point area. *** Funding for the Fessenden project should be approved on September 16th. $1.6 million. Start of construction in 2015. No official word as of yet. *** Officer Joe Sharp is leaving St Johns after 9 years and being reassigned to Southeast. The SJNA would like to have a gift for him to be presented at the Winter Social in January 2015. Donations will be accepted. *** The SJNA is recruiting for new board members. Several citizens threw their hats in the ring. Including: Shamus Lynsky, David Green, Adam Robins and Joe Adamski. Returning members will be discussed at the board meeting on September 23rd and a ballot will be drawn up and printed for the October general meeting on October 14th.

Everyone who has attended 1 of the last 2 general or special meetings will be eligible to vote for the new board. The new board will then select officers from the elected slate. *** Recology has a good neighbor agreement with ORCCO (the oil recycling company next to them) on N Suttle Road. There will be an open house and tour on September 20th from 11am – 1pm. They have vastly improved the wetlands and removed most of the invasive species. *** Crystal said the cash mob will be on the last Friday of the month, but a location has yet to be selected. Please watch the SJNA site for an announcement. There will be no cash mobs in November and December due to the holidays. *** The October general meeting will include Barbara Quinn talking about the toxic waste dumps proposed for the Willamette. *** Jennifer announced that the mural is expanding on the Grocery Outlet building. School groups will be participating and assisting with the painting. *** Phil Fensterer spoke about climate change and how it affects everything. He said there will be a hearing September 17th in Longview about the coal shipment terminals being proposed there. Carpooling is available.

Meeting was adjourned at 828pm.

2013 08 August 2013 General Meeting minutes

SJNA General Meeting. August 12, 2013 St Johns Community Center, St. Johns Oregon
by Gloria Bouchor Luzader, Secretary, SJNA
Board Members present: Jennifer Levy, Emilie Saks-Webb, Gloria Luzader, Gil Luzader, C.J. Doxsee, Babs Adamski, Jason Moos, Justin Sundling, Ben Poe and Crystal Glanz-Kreutz. Nine citizens signed in. Meeting started at 7:04 pm by Jennifer and Emilie…

Babs gave the treasurers report. Including the checking account, the CD and some outstanding bills, SJNA has a balance approximately $9850.91. This includes the “art fund grant” which will be moved into a separate account. Babs said that Tom GV of ONI audited the account and all is in order.

Four of our Portland Traffic Officers stopped by. Now that the traffic division is in St Johns at the old City Hall we see them a lot more frequently. Which is wonderful. Babs brought up the St Johns Bridge ramp situation again. Cars are still straddling the lines and turning on “no turn.” The officers aid that failure to maintain a lane is a fine of $250. ODOT is supposed to be changing signs and re-lining the ramp. Babs also asked about the neighborhood “cut-through” of the Washington residents using St Johns as a “short-cut” to the I-5 from the west side. Speeding tickets would be okay. Donna and Gloria complimented the officers and said they can ride down their streets anytime of the day or night. Gloria told them that since the traffic division returned to St. Johns and ride Buchanan frequently the traffic has eased a bit. Thanks, traffic officers.

July minutes were amended and approved. Justin motioned and Crystal seconded. Voice approval.

Officer Miller, our community officer, spoke about an uptick in home burglaries. Open windows in this good weather is the problem. Also, people are still leaving many items in their cars parked on the street or in driveways. Take stuff in your house or better, clean out your garage and put your vehicle in the garage. People are still riffling the blue recycling containers. Shop lifting is not being reported because of the time that it takes to report the crime. Please report the crimes. This is really important for small businesses.

Social committee report by Babs. They are going to put together a St Johns Service directory on line. Create a new web site and maybe create a survey for people to participate in. The committee wants to know what people want in this area.

Lisa Szot from Barrique Barrel reported she has asked for a Licensing change from the OLCC. They want to be able to serve on premise from 12p to 8p and sell for off premise consumption. Possibly have a few tables set up. The application approval could take 2 – 3 months. Lisa is planning for holiday sales and service. Yes, there were nods and sounds of approval.

Sam Chase, the new METRO councilor from this area was introduced. He gave us a recap of what METRO does. A big part of their scope is regional transportation and trash collection/recycling. The funds from the St Johns old landfill will be dispersed. $1.6 million to be allocated. The interest rate is so low is the reason to close the fund. Grant applications are due before September 5th. Final decisions will be made in October. The St Johns Prairie is near the old landfill. Ground breaking in 2016 for reclamation.

Susan Meamber from Portland Parks and Recreation gave us an update on the Pier Park trail and bridge project. Small changes in the trail design. No impact to the dog off leash park. No changes to Pier Park. Construction signs will be posted. The berm will be smaller. Costs are down $50,000. Start July 13 and complete by December 2013. Tree inspections will be monitored by ODOT and PPB. Eight feet wide circles around affected trees. Three wide curves with berms near the Sequoia trees. Trail paving should be completed by October 2013. Gloria asked Susan if she had updated Friends of Pier Park. Susan said that the PPB forester Alex Salazar is keeping them in the know.

Any announcements? New board elections are in October. Who can vote? Citizens must have attended one of the two last meetings i.e. August and/or September. Consider yourself to be a board member and be nominated. ** August 22nd is the EPA informational about the Terminal 4 Toxic Storage. Six pm at the water lab below the bridge. There will be discussions about possible options for use of the goo/tailings from the river bottom. Representatives from the federal EPA, Port Of Portland, and various river user groups will be there. Come to listen and to have your voice heard. Many people believe that St Johns is again being dumped on. ** Ben announced there will be a fund raiser for the Friends of Baltimore Woods at Burgerville on August 23rd from 5p – 8p.
FBW will receive 10% of all proceeds. Come have an Oregon beef burger or an Oregon blackberry shake for a good cause. Yum. **
Crystal reported that the tree survey in the Cathedral Park Neighborhood was a success.

After general meeting. A short board meeting is called by Co-chairs Jennifer and Emilie. The board agreed to move the SJNA Board Retreat from September 8th to September 15th at Justin’s house. A discussion about job descriptions for all officers was raised. New board elections will be in October. We will make up general ballots with the names of all board members who wish to run for the 2014 term and room for write-in candidates. Nominations will be at the September general meeting. Voting will be at the October general meeting. At the October board meeting the newly elected board members will select the officers for the coming year.

2013 07 July 2013 General meeting minutes

St Johns Neighborhood Association General Meeting, July 8th, 2013 St Johns Community Center, 8727 N Central St., Portland

Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Jennifer Levy. Introductions around the room. Question? What did you do on July 4th? Board members present were Jennifer Levy, Babs Adanski, Emilie Saks-Webb, Gloria Luzader, Gilbert Luzader, Ben Poe, Crystal Glanz-Kreutz, and Justin Sunderling. CJ Doxsee and Jason Moos were absent. Five public members signed in.

The June minutes were read, amended and approved. Crystal motions. Joe Adanski seconded. Voice approval.

Treasurer report by Bab’s with $7,544.36 in checking and $1,016.63 in the CD. The treasurer’s report was accepted.

July 10th is the Ice Cream summer social. The movie is “Hotel Transylvania” shown at dusk. Jen has a spread sheet for people to sign up if they haven’t already.

Guest speaker was Erin Atkinson from the Feral Cat Association. Phone is 503.797.2606. She was joined by a speaker from the ACT (apartment cat team) project. Their phone is 503.988.4610. They explained how their organizations do not euthanize the cats. They neuter/spay them and return them to the area where their pack is. This is high kitten season right now so this is very important time to catch and return the cats and kittens. The cats are tested for feline leukemia, given vaccinations, neutered/spayed and returned. If the cat tests [positive for feline leukemia, the cat is euthanized. Also, the cat’s ear is clipped so other volunteers know the cats are no longer fertile. : To show the cats have been “fixed” they have a left ear clip on the West coast, right ear clip on the East coast. They will be holding a catio tour. This is a structure that cats can roam outdoors but will still be enclosed. This is for house pets, not feral cats. When kittens are brought into the shelter, they have 3 days to form a bond with a person. If the kitten is still showing feral acts, the kitten is euthanized. They always need more kitten foster persons to help a kitten lose their feral instincts. TNR stands for trap, neuter, and return. Feral cats establish territory like any wild cat. Domesticated cats when dumped by owners do not have the skills to survive in a feral cat pride. This is really cruel to the pet. They also have a foster kitten project where people can take a kitten home to acquaint the kitten to people. Erin left brochures on the back table. On July 30th there will be a Foster Kitten Orientation at the Pixie Project. 6pm – 8pm, at 510 NE MLK Blvd. or e-mail act@multco.us for more information.

July 10th there will be an informational meeting about the Sequoia Grove at the Community Center at 7pm.

July 18th is the Cathedral Park Neighborhood Tree Inventory. Crystal could use more volunteers.

July 26th is the next cash mob. The location has not been chosen as yet. Crystal will post the information as soon as possible.

Kelly is the head designer for the sequoia project in Pier Park. It is in the beginning stages. She will keep us posted as it progresses.

The SJNA September meeting will have both PDOT and PBOT in attendance to explain their upcoming projects. The N Lombard curb extensions and improvements have been delayed until the end of 2013 or early 2014.

Roosevelt High summer clean-up is on July 27th. There will be prep work on the 26th. All tools are provided. There will be yard work, painting and window washing among other projects. The North Portland community is invited to attend and join the Roosevelt High Alumni Association and South Lake Church in this annual project. Bab’s noted that on the St Johns Facebook page there have been community people complaining about the church involvement in a public school.

Joe Adanski critiqued the SJNA minutes. He said there was no ONI requirement they had to be so detailed. Gloria countered with the fact that if people miss a meeting the minutes tell them what went on at the meeting. Plus all the minutes (after corrections and approval) are sent to the North Neighborhood office for filing if any community member wanted to read them.

The meeting adjourned at 755pm.

There will be a SJNA Board meeting following this general meeting. We combined the July general and board meetings, as approved by the SJNA Board at the June board meeting.

Notes by Gloria J Bouchor Luzader, Secretary, St Johns Neighborhood Association. (First draft).

2013 06 June 2013 General Meeting Minutes

St Johns Neighborhood Association General Meeting, June 10th, 2013/ 7pm-8:30pm/ St Johns Community Center/ 8727 N Central St., Portland

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Jennifer Levy. Introductions around the room. Question? What is the intersection/cross street you live nearest to? Board members present were Jennifer Levy, Gloria Luzader, Jason Moos, Ben Poe and Justin Sundling. CJ Doxsee, Crystal Glantz-Kreutz. Emilie Saks-Webb and Babs Adamski were absent. Gilbert Luzader arrived about 7:15pm. Nineteen public members signed in but I counted 21 in the room.

The new SJNA board members were introduced and asked to tell us all something about themselves, in 2 minutes or so. Ben Poe has lived in St. Johns for 6 years. He is a member of Occupy St. Johns and will be the SJNA liaison for that group. Jason has been in St Johns for 7 years and has a son at James John School. Crystal was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

The May minutes were read, amended and approved. Justin made the motion to accept the minutes, Ben seconded. Voice approval.

Jennifer reported that she and Emilie (the SJNA co-chairs) met the new St Johns Community Center Director. Her name is Amie. They talked about doing outreach with the distant parts of St Johns in the near future. Everyone agreed that was a good plan. The SJNA covers a large area and has almost 12,000 people in the neighborhood but we rarely get 100 people to attend meetings.

Angela Wagnon was with us this evening. She is our St Johns Crime Prevention liaison. Gloria had contacted her about some neighborhood crime statistics. Angela came with a great print that showed the last 60 days of crime in the neighborhood. Nothing to alarming but larcenies are up from 2012. Angela then talked about the Smith-Bybee Lakes area. Many citizens who use the canoe launch area are having their cars vandalized. People need to be aware of the situations where they park. Some parking places are much hidden from view. The SB parks ranger, Christina, would like to start a foot patrol and information teams to talk to the boaters. Basic stuff like do not leave anything, anything of value in your car. When/if you do return to your vehicle and it has been broken into, please call 503-823-3333 to leave a report. If you actually see the person(s) in your car, , call 911. That is a crime in process. Traffic problems in your neighborhood streets, call 503-823-SAFE for assistance. Persons speeding, running stop signs, etc. can have an officer monitor assigned. A member, Bonnie, related that her son was harassed on his way home on Fessenden. He felt threatened and called the police. The operator did not voice concern. There was no police response. Officer Elam reported that there is a group of boys/men (15 to 50) hanging out at the “gas station”/minimart on Fessenden and Oswego that seem to be “looking for trouble.” There is some public drinking which is against the law. The police are aware of them. If problems arise, please call the police.

Amie, the St Johns Community Center director stopped in to talk about the summer programs. She is aware that the SJNA will be serving ice cream on July 10th before the movie, Hotel Transylvania. The building is open 7:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. There are programs 10am to 4pm daily.

Jennifer and Emilie met with Joe Sharpe, our St Johns officer at the moment. There is movement between precincts so that we will not know who is where for about 6 weeks. Our North officer Martin Padilla may be promoted and would be gone.

Marcus Donaldson, a St Johns resident and a Portland firefighter talked about the changes at the fire stations. He was not speaking as a firefighter but as a neighbor who is concerned. The budget cuts affect a reduction in fire investigators and the dive team. New will be rescue response which is a two person team in an SUV. No heavy equipment. He explained the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine. Basically the engine has more equipment. Kenton station and Parkrose station might lose a truck at each. Now, some districts are going to “quints” (which is a fancy Chevrolet Tahoe) as a combination of the truck and engine. Tualatin district bought two of them and the firefighters think they are worthless. Portland is going to lease two, with one going to Station 8 (behind the Interstate and Lombard Fred Meyer).There was a10% budget cut. No people but equipment and stations. St Johns Station 22 is still okay. Happy? Not! Contact the Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Dan Saltzman (he has the Fire Bureau now). Phone calls, letters and e-mails will all get the message across that this cost cutting is dangerous.

Ben reported from the latest Occupy meeting. They are supporting Donna Cohen and her endeavors to get the Fessenden project completed as timely as possible. Occupy would like new businesses coming to the community but would like them to NOT be the big chains, like 7-11.

Brooke Berglund from the Port of Portland reported that there is a meeting at the Water Lab on Thursday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm to discuss the Terminal #4 dredging project. Also, the Seaport Celebration is on July 17th. This is a great family friendly affair.

Any other announcements?
A comment about the St Johns Facebook page, was this sponsored by the SJNA? No, it is not. Sometimes is seems to get a bit “snarky” and not have any positive value. Babs is one of the moderators and should be contacted.
Gloria Luzader and Gary Boehm are selling T-shirts (at cost) that have a great design for the “Independent Republic of St. Johns.” They have long sleeves or short sleeves for only $10.
The June 24th SJNA Board meeting will be held at the Central Hotel at 7pm.
In July the SJNA General Meeting and the Board meeting will be combined on July 8th. First the general at 7pm, adjournment and then the Board. All meetings are open to the public.
Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

Notes by Gloria J Bouchor Luzader, Secretary, St Johns Neighborhood Association. (First draft).

Welcome to St. Johns